Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
October 21 & October 25 | Co-Located Events, Tutorials, & Workshops
October 22-24 | Conference
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Ali Javadi-Abhari

Ali Javadi-Abhari is a researcher in the field of quantum computation and quantum compiler design. He obtained a Ph.D. in computer science from Princeton University and is currently a research staff member in the theory of quantum computing group at IBM.

He has been a principal contributor to two popular open source projects: the Scaffold quantum compiler, and the quantum information science kit (Qiskit). These tools allow users to express quantum algorithms in familiar programming languages such as C and Python, translate and optimize those for the constraints of quantum chips and execute and retrieve results from real quantum processors.

Ali has held multiple tutorials on software tools for quantum computation, mainly geared towards classical computer scientists and developers. Most recently at conferences such as Index 2018 and ISCA 2018.