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Christoph H Lameter

Universalist specializing in Computer Science
Chicago Illinois
Christoph Lameter retired in January 2020 from High Frequency Trading company in Chicago where he was working as a Team Lead in research and development until the end of January 2020. He was responsible for the R&D on new HPC and HFT hardware and to bring new vendors online as well as for Kernel development issues and infrastructure development.

Christoph maintains the slab allocators and the percpu subsystem in the Linux Kernel. He served on the Linux Foundation Advisory Committee as a Vice Chair and on the board of Linux International, Linux Professional Institute and the Open Fabrics Association.

He contributed to a number of Linux projects since the initial kernel releases in the early 90s working on a number of subsystems. As principal engineer at SGI he helped pioneer the use of Linux for Supercomputing and developed the necessary kernel capabilities for HPC applications.

Christoph has taught Computer Science and Religious belief systems for a number of years in the Bay Area and has published his Ph.D. work on the nature of reality emerging from Quantum Theory on Amazon.com in 2004.

Currently he is looking for new creative ways of improving his skills in communication, technology, philosophy and open source leadership.
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