Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
October 21 & October 25 | Co-Located Events, Tutorials, & Workshops
October 22-24 | Conference
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Anshul Makkar

Sr. Engineer
Cambridge, UK
I am Anshul Makkar with around 16 years of experience around kernel, hypervisor and FPGA development. To understand the depth and create something new has been my passion and activtely pursuing it. I am not limited by domain boundaries and want to understand and explore the infinite possibilites. Along with my theoratical apporach, I have firm belief in hands-on and actual engineering practices. Each of my thought/research is followed by implementation be it hardware FPGA development or embedded/ kernel development. My recent projects are in space where I am working on development of transponder, a real time schduler for dynamic task updation and orbital mission to plan for Debris mitigation. My Experience: 1. Information Coding theory. 2. Debris Mitigation/ Orbital Mechanics. 3. Scheduler for real-time and server-based systems. 4. Low level kernel/driver development and debugging. 5. FPGA development. 6. Full system development right from conception to release. 7. Well verse with Open-Source culture and remote working.
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