Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
October 21 & October 25 | Co-Located Events, Tutorials, & Workshops
October 22-24 | Conference
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Wednesday, October 24

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Mentorship Panel: An Exploration of Insights & Issues Related to Mentoring Programs - Moderated by Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, Intel Harris I & II, Level 1 OpenOCD - Beyond Simple Software Debugging - Oleksij Rempel, Pengutronix Lennox 3, Level -2 Real-time Testing with Fuego - Hirotaka MOTAI, Mitsubishi Electric Corp Lennox 2, Level -2 The End of Time, 19 Years to Go - Arnd Bergmann, Linaro Ltd Lennox 1, Level -2 DevOps Meets Docs: Documentation as Code - Robert Kratky, Red Hat Pentland Auditorium Beyond the DSL—Unlocking the Power of Kafka Streams with the Processor API - Antony Stubbs, Confluent Inc. Tinto, Level 0 L1TF and KVM - Alexander Graf, SUSE Lowther Suite, Level -1 Building OCI Images without Privilege - Tycho Andersen, Cisco Systems Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Using Containers for GPU Workloads - Christian Brauner, Canonical Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 Super Fast Packet Filtering with eBPF and XDP - Helen Tabunshchyk, Cloudflare Kilsyth Room, Level 0 Why Lock Down the Linux Kernel? - Matthew Garrett, Google Moorfoot, Level 0 No Docs? No Problem! From Zero to Full Documentation in Less Time than You Think - Nathan Willis, Glyphography Type Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 Pass the Torch Without Dropping the Ball: Lessons in Community Management - Rich Bowen & Rain Leander, Red Hat & Mary Thengvall, Persea Consulting Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 Backporting is so 1993 - Ricardo Salveti & Michael Scott, Foundries.io Lammermuir 2, Level -2 Running Hyperledger Sawtooth in Production - Duncan Johnston-Watt & Kai Davenport, Blockchain Technology Partners Menteith Suite, Level -1 Demystifying MCUs with Arduino - Tom King, OpenEmbedded (Additional Track Registration Required) Lammermuir 1, Level -2 Open Source Compliance Tools - New Options Emerging - Hosted by Michael Jaeger, Fossology.org and eclipse/sw360 Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Linux in Safety-Critical Systems Summit (Separate Registration Required) Edinburgh 1, Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh

12:05 BST

How Having Kids from Hard Places Helped Me Serve Open Source Communities - John Mertic, The Linux Foundation Harris I & II, Level 1 On this Rock I will Build my System - Why Open-Source Firmware Matters - Lucas Stach, Pengutronix Lennox 1, Level -2 Real Time is Coming to Linux; What Does that Mean to You? - Steven Rostedt, VMware Lennox 3, Level -2 The Power-Supply Subsystem - Sebastian Reichel, Collabora Lennox 2, Level -2 Effective Virtual CPU Configuration with QEMU and libvirt - Kashyap Chamarthy, Red Hat Pentland Auditorium To Kill, or to Checkpoint - That is the Question - Mike Rapoport, IBM & Adrian Reber, Red Hat Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Fighting Spam for Fun and Profit: What's New in SpamAssassin - Giovanni Bechis, SNB S.r.l. Tinto, Level 0 Security in QEMU: How Virtual Machines Provide Isolation - Stefan Hajnoczi, Red Hat Lowther Suite, Level -1 What are My Microservices Doing? - Juraci Paixão Kröhling, Red Hat Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 Replacing X with Wayland - Lessons Learned for Your Next Display Manager - Matthias Clasen, Red Hat Moorfoot, Level 0 The Flavors of Memory Supported by Linux, their Use and Benefit - Christoph Lameter, Jump Trading LLC Kilsyth Room, Level 0 OpenSource @ Improbable - Dominic Green, Improbable Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 The Democratization of Software - Stephen Walli, Microsoft Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 Enabling Zephyr on Your Hardware Platform - Diego Sueiro, Sepura / Embarcados Lammermuir 2, Level -2 Blockchain won't Kill the Database Function: A Developer's Perspective - Colin Charles, GrokOpen Menteith Suite, Level -1

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Panel Discussion: How to be an Effective Ally and Help Create Inclusive Communities - Moderated by Nithya Ruff, Comcast Harris I & II, Level 1 Creating Your Own Tiny Linux Distribution Using Yocto: Keeping it Small With Poky-Tiny - Alejandro Hernandez, Xilinx Lennox 3, Level -2 Kernel Analysis Using eBPF - Daniel Thompson, Linaro Lennox 2, Level -2 Sound Open Firmware - Liam Girdwood, Intel Lennox 1, Level -2 Fine-grained Distributed Application Monitoring Using LTTng - Jérémie Galarneau, EfficiOS Pentland Auditorium What Can You Do with Open Source and the Cloud 24 Hours? - Mark Whitby, Microsoft Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 Painting a Picture of the KVM Use-cases in the Container World - Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat Lowther Suite, Level -1 Improve the Human Vector with Emoji - Vincent Batts, Red Hat Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Swimming with the New KernelShark - Yordan Karadzhov, VMware Moorfoot, Level 0 Understanding User Namespaces - Michael Kerrisk, man7.org Training and Consulting Kilsyth Room, Level 0 Leveraging Open Source Projects For Open Source Management - Status Update - Marcel Kurzmann, Bosch Software Innovations Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Open Design Toolkit (ODT) - Veethika Mishra, Red Hat Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 ClearlyDefined: Enabling Project Success through Metadata - Jeff McAffer, Microsoft Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 Trusted Firmware M, Secure Partitioning – Compartmentalization in IoT - Miklos Balint & Ken Liu, Arm Lammermuir 2, Level -2 The GNSS Subsystem - Johan Hovold, Hovold Consulting AB Menteith Suite, Level -1 Discovering Tiny Snakes - John Hawley, VMware (Additional Track Registration Required) Lammermuir 1, Level -2

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Scalable Monitoring of Apache Spark with Prometheus - Diane Feddema & Zak Hassan, Red Hat Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 A Sockets API for LoRa - Andreas Färber, SUSE Lennox 1, Level -2 Comparison of Voice Assistant SDKs for Embedded Linux Devices - Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group Lennox 3, Level -2 Why Embedded Cameras are Difficult, and How to Make Them Easy - Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on Board Lennox 2, Level -2 Hashicorp Terraform: Deep Dive with no Fear - Victor Turbinsky, Texuna Pentland Auditorium Revolutionizing the Production Industry with Apache PLC4X - Christofer Dutz, codecentric AG Tinto, Level 0 Memory Overcommit for Overcommitted Admins - Jonathan Davies, Nutanix Lowther Suite, Level -1 Kata Containers: The Speed of Containers, the Security of VMs -- Even in a Nested Environment! - Eric Ernst & Shiny Sebastian, Intel; KY Srinivasan, Microsoft Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Test Driven Kernel Development - Knut Omang, Oracle Moorfoot, Level 0 Cracking the Code - How Mozilla is Helping University Students Contribute to Open Source - Christos Bacharakis, Mozilla Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 Promoting Greater Predictability in Open Source License Enforcement - Richard Fontana, Red Hat Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Why the Yocto Project for My IoT Project - Drew Moseley, Mender.io Lammermuir 2, Level -2 Tutorial: Introduction to Quantum Computing Using Qiskit - Ali Javadi-Abhari, IBM Menteith Suite, Level -1 Tutorial: How to Prepare a Diversity and Inclusion Report for your Community - Georg Link, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia; Dawn Foster, The Scale Factory & Emma Irwin, Mozilla Harris I & II, Level 1 Zephyr 101 - Thea Aldrich, Zephyr Project (Additional Track Registration Required) Lammermuir 1, Level -2

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