Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
October 21 & October 25 | Co-Located Events, Tutorials, & Workshops
October 22-24 | Conference
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Tuesday, October 23

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Building the Foundations for the Next Generation of Women in Tech: Successes and Challenges - Emma Foley & Sophie Lennon, Intel Harris I & II, Level 1 How to Avoid Writing Device Drivers for Embedded Linux - Chris Simmonds, 2net Lennox 2, Level -2 Linux IoT: From Prototype to Production - Drew Moseley, Mender.io Lennox 3, Level -2 The New Wi-Fi Experience for Linux - Marcel Holtmann, Intel Lennox 1, Level -2 Open Source to the Stars: How Open Source Helps One of the Biggest Astronomical Observatories in the World - Federico Pellegrin, European Southern Observatory Tinto, Level 0 Preventing CPU Side-channel Attacks with Kernel Tracking - Marian Marinov, SiteGround Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 Apache Kafka - "A System Optimized for Writing" - Bernhard Hopfenmüller, ATIX AG Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Three years of Lessons from Running Potentially Malicious Code Inside Containers - Ben Hall, Katacoda Pentland Auditorium Drone SITL Bringup with the IIO Framework - Bandan Das, Red Hat Kilsyth Room, Level 0 MM 101: Introduction to Linux Memory Management - Christoph Lameter, Jump Trading LLC Moorfoot, Level 0 Inclusive Open Source Governance - What are You Waiting For? - Emma Irwin, Mozilla Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 Xen Project 15 Years Down the Line: Thinking Outside of the Conceived Tech Comfort Zone - Lars Kurth, Citrix / Xen Project Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Revitalizing Open Source Contributions and Participation across Mozilla - Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia & Riccardo Iaconelli, Mozilla Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 Bluetooth Mesh and Zephyr - Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Lammermuir 2, Level -2 Getting Started with IoT/Cloud End-to-end Data Collection - Eduardo Silva, Treasure Data & Thea Aldrich, Zephyr Project Menteith Suite, Level -1 Getting Started with Buildroot - Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin (Additional Track Registration Required) Lammermuir 1, Level -2

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Introducing FfDL - Deep Learning as a Service on Kubernetes - Animesh Singh, IBM Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 Collaboration is the Better Way - Erik Riedel, Dell EMC & Lauri Apple, Workday Harris I & II, Level 1 Deep Learning in OpenCV - Wu Zhiwen, Intel Lennox 1, Level -2 SPI Memory Support in Linux and U-Boot - Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin Lennox 2, Level -2 Strategies for Developing and Deploying your Embedded Applications and Images - Mirza Krak, Mender.io Lennox 3, Level -2 Open Source Investments in Mainframe Through the Next Generation - Showcasing the Work of the Open Mainframe Project 2018 Summer Interns - John Mertic, The Linux Foundation Pentland Auditorium Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting in Container Platforms - Manoj Pillai, Red Hat Tinto, Level 0 Apache Metron in the Real World - Dave Russell, Hortonworks Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Building Stable Trees with Machine Learning - Sasha Levin, Microsoft & Julia Lawall, Inria Moorfoot, Level 0 Elivepatch: Flexible Distributed Linux Kernel Live Patching - Alice Ferrazzi & Takanori Suzuki, Cybertrust Kilsyth Room, Level 0 Automating Open Source with Probot - Bex Warner, GitHub Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Migrating a Community: Why & How We Moved from a Mailing List to a Forum - Greg Sutcliffe, Red Hat Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 Making Community Decisions without Consensus - George Dunlap, Citrix Systems R&D UK Ltd Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 Building an Open IoT Solution with EdgeX Foundry and Zephyr Project - Thea Aldrich, Zephyr Project & Michael Hall, EdgeX Foundry Lammermuir 2, Level -2 How to Use Kubernetes for Production Grade Edge Computing - Steven Wong, VMware Menteith Suite, Level -1

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Machine Learning Made Easy on Kubernetes. DevOps for Data Scientists - Brian Redmond, Microsoft Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 Metrics that Matter for Diversity & Inclusion in Open Source - Emma Irwin, Mozilla Harris I & II, Level 1 Getting Started with Yocto Project - Stephano Cetola, Intel (Additional Track Registration Required) Lammermuir 1, Level -2 Debian & Yocto: State of the Art - Kazuhiro Hayashi, Toshiba Corporation & Manuel Traut, Linutronix GmbH & Baurzhan Ismagulov Lennox 2, Level -2 Linux and Zephyr “Talking” to Each Other in the Same SoC - Diego Sueiro, Sepura / Embarcados Lennox 1, Level -2 Teaching your Test Framework to Speak LAVA - Tim Orling, Intel Corporation Lennox 3, Level -2 Compliance as Code - Lessons Learned from Regulated Organizations - Sergiu Bodiu, Standard Chartered Pentland Auditorium Deploying Apache Kafka for Exabyte Scale Data Coordination - James Mountifield, Sumo Logic Tinto, Level 0 Toro Kernel, A Dedicated Kernel for Microservices - Matias Vara Larsen, Silicon Gears & Cesar Bernardini, Barracuda Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Coccinelle: 10 Years of Automated Evolution and Bug Finding in the Linux Kernel - Julia Lawall, Inria Moorfoot, Level 0 Fun with Dynamic Kernel Tracing Events - Steven Rostedt, VMware Kilsyth Room, Level 0 Beyond Burnout: Caring for Your Employees’ Greatest Asset - Leslie Hawthorn, Red Hat Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 The Great Debate: Is There An Open Source Business Model, YES or NO? - Jeffrey Borek, IBM & Stephen Walli, Microsoft Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Playing Nicely Together: Large Scale Open Source Program Strategies - Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, Intel Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 U-Boot - Bootloader for IoT Platform? - Alexey Brodkin, Synopsys Lammermuir 2, Level -2 Linux-based RTOS Experimental Platform for Constructing Self-driving Vehicles - Jim Huang, BiiLabs & Shao-Hua Wang, National Cheng Kung University Menteith Suite, Level -1

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Introduction to Natural Language Processing with Python - Barbara Fusinska, Google Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 10 Years of the Industrial I/O Kernel Subsystem - Jonathan Cameron, Huawei Lennox 1, Level -2 Extending the Performance Analyis Toolset - Christoph Sterz, KDAB Lennox 2, Level -2 Uh-oh, It's I/O Ordering! - Will Deacon, Arm Lennox 3, Level -2 Cloud Object Storage: The Right Way - Orit Wasserman, Lightbits Labs Pentland Auditorium Resilient and Fast Persistent Container Storage Leveraging Linux’s Storage Functionalities - Philipp Reisner, LINBIT Tinto, Level 0 Establishing Image Provenance and Security in Kubernetes - Adrian Mouat, Container Solutions Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 Diary of a Drive by Coder: Tips and Tricks for Working with Upstream - James Bottomley, IBM Moorfoot, Level 0 Modern Strace - Dmitry Levin, BaseALT Kilsyth Room, Level 0 CO.LAB - Ruth Suehle, Red Hat Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Open Source and Open Community at a 100-year-old Company - Donnie Berkholz, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 Open Source Contribution Policies that Don't Suck - Tobie Langel, Codespeaks LLC Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 A Zephyr User Story - Franco Saworski, blik GmbH Lammermuir 2, Level -2 NVDIMM and Virtualization - George Dunlap, Citrix Systems R&D UK Ltd Menteith Suite, Level -1 Tutorial: Roadmapping an Equitable Open Source Movement - Yulkendy Valdez & Josuel Plasencia, Forefront Harris I & II, Level 1 Building Real-Time Applications for Linux - John Ogness, Linutronix GmbH (Additional Track Registration Required) Lammermuir 1, Level -2

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Machine Learning for CI - Matthew Treinish & Andrea Frittoli, IBM Fintry Auditorium, Level 3 Collaborate on Linux for Use in Safety-Critical Systems? - Lukas Bulwahn, BMW Car IT GmbH Lennox 1, Level -2 Complex Cameras on Linux - Mauro Carvalho Chehab, Samsung Lennox 2, Level -2 PREEMPT_RT isn't Just for Lasers: The Perfect Match for Hearing Aid Research! - Christopher Obbard & Daniel James, 64 Studio Ltd Lennox 3, Level -2 cloud-init: The cross-cloud Magic Sauce - Scott Moser & Chad Smith, Canonical Pentland Auditorium Rapid and Secure Cloud Native DevOps - Shane James, Oracle Tinto, Level 0 From Handcraft to Unikraft: Simpler Unikernelization of Your Application - Florian Schmidt, NEC Labs Europe Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3 oomd: A Userspace OOM Killer - Daniel Xu, Facebook Moorfoot, Level 0 Panel Discussion: Outreachy Linux Kernel Internship Report - Moderated by Julia Lawall, Inria Kilsyth Room, Level 0 Metadata and the Rise of Big Data Governance: Active Open Source Initiatives - John Mertic, The Linux Foundation & David Radley, IBM Cromdale Hall B, Level -2 Open Source Software Compliance - Supriya Chitale, Siemens AG Cromdale Hall A, Level -2 Software Philanthropy for Everyone - Kevin P. Fleming, Bloomberg Cromdale Hall C, Level -2 Deep Learning Neural Network Acceleration at the Edge - Andrea Gallo, Linaro Lammermuir 2, Level -2 Pocket Science Lab - An Open Source Hardware for Electronics Teaching & Learning - Hong Phuc Dang, FOSSASIA & Mario Behling, OpnTec/PSLab Menteith Suite, Level -1

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